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  1. LEGO WeDo 2.0 Robotics Kit, a key tool for science and engineering learning in early years

    Science and engineering have always been difficult to grasp without practical exposure as they become boring and hard to retain.

    There is growing evidence that children as young as 4-8 learn important science and engineering skills from play and early learning activities. These activities, when supported well, can lay the foundation for them to bloom into future scientists and engineers.

    Students who are introduced to practical science and engineering learning at an elementary level are able to embrace innovation, flexibility and adaptability to become successful in dynamic technology-driven workplaces.

    Role of STEM in early learning

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  2. Robotic learning helps enhance classroom innovation in UAE

    Educational institutions in the GCC are increasingly investing in learning methodologies that equip students with skills and attributes that help them become well-rounded, globally competent citizens. These methodologies are aimed at promoting active learning among students to help them retain and analyze complex content, and help expand their innovation, creativity and knowledge.

    STEM education lays emphasis on hands-on learning. It provides the best education has to offer by developing skills among children such as critical thinking, flexibility, collaboration, communication and creativity.

    Noticing its potential, the UAE has quickly adopted STEM education to make learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics easy, fun and engaging for students. Many schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have introduced STEM education in classrooms.

    Need for robotics in children

    Robotics has been used extensively of late to advance STEM education.&nbs

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  3. KUBO uses puzzles to teach coding to kids

    Gone are the days of learning technology just out of curiosity and interest. Basic programming has become a necessity in today’s world. From automated metro trains to robotic-teaching assistants, programming is transforming every aspect of our lives.

    The present generation kids will become future innovators, software developers and scientists, so it is essential for them to learn this skill in order to lead this movement.

    Recognizing the potential of coding, Sandooq Al Watan, a national initiative to support research projects in line with the UAE’s vision to diversify beyond oil, has launched Emirati Coder programme. By 2020, the programme aims to teach 2,500 children the basics of coding so as to create a pool of talent that will be capable to meet the

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  4. Top 3 educational robot kits for children

    With many GCC countries realizing the need to diversify into knowledge-based economies for sustainable economic growth, the role of STEM education has gained significance. In fact, the UAE has been one of the first GCC countries to embrace STEM education in a big way.

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