Gone are the days of learning technology just out of curiosity and interest. Basic programming has become a necessity in today’s world. From automated metro trains to robotic-teaching assistants, programming is transforming every aspect of our lives.

The present generation kids will become future innovators, software developers and scientists, so it is essential for them to learn this skill in order to lead this movement.

Recognizing the potential of coding, Sandooq Al Watan, a national initiative to support research projects in line with the UAE’s vision to diversify beyond oil, has launched Emirati Coder programme. By 2020, the programme aims to teach 2,500 children the basics of coding so as to create a pool of talent that will be capable to meet the challenges of the future labour market.

Why children need to learn coding?

Learning coding develops various skills in a child at an early age, such as creativity, problem-solving, strategic planning, communication, persistence, competitiveness, collaboration, creativity and understanding of the world around them. Children benefit from learning coding whether they professionalize it or not.


Coding in the form of a puzzle

KUBO provides a free- screen-on table- puzzle, which uses TagTiles - containing different sensors as a programming language - to command a robot’s basic movement in speed, distance and direction.

Kubo Robotics Dubai

Children not only get a hands-on learning of advanced programming like routes, functions, subroutines and loops but are also introduced to robotic coding in a fun manner, developing a young child’s interest and knowledge in computer programming.

If you want to buy KUBO robots for children, you should know that there are two KUBO bundles available in two sets: KUBO Coding plus single set bundle and KUBO Coding plus 4-Pack bundle consisting of KUBO robots, activity maps, TagTiles, illustrated and brief curriculum, lesson plans, quick start guides and video tutorials.


ATLAB, an associate of the Centena Group, provides hands-on innovative classroom learning solutions for educational and vocational training centres.

ATLAB is also an authorized distributor providing high-quality robotic learning kits from major brands such as LEGO Education, SAM Labs, XYZ Printing, Robolink, Pitsco Tetrix, HiTechnic in the GCC.