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Hi Technic NXT Colour Sensor

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The new and totally redesigned HiTechnic Color Sensor Version 2 (V2) operates by using a single white LED (light emitting diode) to illuminate the target and analyses the color components of the light reflected by the target's surface and calculates a Color Numberthat is returned to the NXT program.

The Color Sensor V2 works best when it is positioned so that it is not too close to the surface being tested. The picture on the right should be used as a guide for proper distance and angle to the surface. The angle prevents the direct reflection of the light from the LED from coming back into the sensor element, which can prevent proper color determination.

The Color Sensor is housed in a standard MINDSTORMS sensor housing to match the other MINDSTORMS elements and connects to an NXT sensor port using a standard NXT wire and digital I2C communications protocol. The Color Number calculated by the sensor is refreshed approximately 100 times per second.

NOTE: The Color Sensor V2 must be configured to match the mains electricity frequency for your country details on how to configure the Color Sensor V2 can be found at

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