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Kubo – Summer Backpacking

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Grades : 1 & 2
Sessions : 1 week (5 days in a week)
Session duration : 4.30 pm - 5.30 pm (1 hr per day)

Part no 1030 - KUBO Coding Starter Set (Qty 1) + TRNKUBO - KUBO Training sessions

Primary School Robotics Overview : This 5-day robotics program outline will provide students with STEM focused hands-on activities to promote 21st century skills as well as ELA and Social Emotional Learning. Each day, students will participate activities and opportunities for physical activity as well as receive a daily team briefing for daily challenges aligned to standards. Daily challenges will help students develop skills and knowledge to complete the culminating project of designing a solution for a problem.

Batch starting date will be coordinated after delivery of kits.

Day.No Activity Description
1 Kubo Visit an Amusment Park KUBO wants to visit the amusement park. What kinds of attractions do you find in an amusement park? What are the children’s favoriterides?
2 Water Cycle Students have KUBO follow the water cycle on a labeled diagram that is provided or that they create. At each location, students should be able to share facts about that stage in the cycle
3 Visiting Dubai Kubo will visit to different parts of Dubai and help him identify landmarks around dubai ?
How many stenps did Kubo move?
4 Moving towards Mars Using a map of the solar system, Students chart a route for KUBO to visit mars. Then provide additional clues to a new destination. Students must research other objects in the solar system, draw those objects on the map in the correct location, and then have KUBO visit those objects.
5 Showcase
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