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LEGO Wedo 2.0 – Mission to mars

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Grades : 3 - 5
Sessions : 1 week (5 days in a week)
Session duration : 4.30 pm - 5.30 pm (1 hr per day)

Part no 45300 - Wedo Coreset (Qty 1) + ZTRNWEDO - Wedo Training sessions

Elementary Robotics Program Overview : This outline will provide students with STEM focused hands on activities to promote 21st century skills as well as design engineering and computer science. Each day, students will participate in team building activities and opportunities for physical activity as well as receive a mission briefing for daily challenges aligned to standards. Daily challenges will help students develop skills and knowledge to complete the culminating project, to design a base for tourists to visit in space.

Batch starting date will be coordinated after delivery of kits.

Day.No Activity Description
1 Welcome to Space Academy Training How do astronauts prepare for living in space?
2 Living in Space: Gravity How will gravity affect everyday tasks?
Create a game you could play in space.
3 Living in Space: Space Trash Why would recycling be helpful in outer space?
4 Living in Space: Communication How can messages be transferred from one place to another?
5 Culminating Project
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Brand Atlab Online Learning
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