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ATLAB is a technology based hands-on learning solutions company that is focused on providing innovative educational training systems and laboratory equipment of the highest quality to Educational Institutions, Technical Universities, and Industrial (Vocational) Training Centers.

With this being said, we partner with some of the world’s leading STE(A)M solutions providers; LEGO Education, SAM Labs, PASCO Scientific, PITSCO Tetrix, XYZ Printing, CircuitScribe, Hi-Technic and Robolink to get pupils engaged and get instructors to appreciate the subject matter more.

With atlabshoponline, these educational products can be purchased for personal and/or institutional use for pupils. Right from Preschool to University Level, student and teacher favorites can be found on atlabshoponline. Whether, you’re looking for bundle kits to prep for a competition or searching accessories and extra elements to replace worn or lost parts, you can find it here at atlabshoponline. Core products (Kits or Printers) along with their add-ons or replacements (e.g. Filaments, renewable add-ons or more elements) can also be found here. Atlabshoponline is an e-commerce website that allows you to buy these products (prices inclusive of VAT) and receive it on your doorstop in 3 – 5 days.

ATLAB is an associate of the prestigious CENTENA Group, which is a renowned name in the region since 1980.