School Space

ATLAB School Space

ATLAB School Space is a one-stop solution for all the classroom needs. From smart educational devices to their solutions, we provide everything you need to make your students smarter with 21st century skills. We have a product range dealing in STEAM, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Coding, AR & VR, and Drones.

At ATLAB, we have a team of professional expertise who are always there to assist you in providing hands-on learning experience for students and make them outshine.

Browse our collection and enter a new kind of learning experience!

Immersive Learning

Now using technology in a classroom is easier with our product range of fun learning. Make the learning amusing to students with our hands-on learning solutions prominent for all skill levels. With exciting and engaging technology, deliver a rich experience to the students in coding and virtual reality.


We offer cutting-edge robotics educational products. We are dedicated to providing innovative and engaging solutions designed to inspire and educate learners of all ages. Explore our collection to discover the exciting world of robotics and empower individuals with the skills needed for the future. Join us on the journey of exploration, discovery, and education in the realm of robotics.


With littleBits, explore your creativity and turn your ideas into reality. At ATLAB, we offer a complete collection of littleBits kits to make you develop important STEM skills among students while engaging them in fun activities. LittleBits provides the easiest and most accessible way to learn electronics and engineering.

Storage Solution

We have a committed team of talented people impassioned about designing, building, and manufacturing furniture to meet the needs of smart learning spaces. Our wide range of storage solutions comprise of movable, adaptable, and agile furniture to use the space in many different ways.

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