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LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential Set

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LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential is the cross-curricular STEAM solution for primary education. SPIKE Essential engages students in hands-on investigation of STEAM concepts while contributing to literacy, math, and social-emotional development.

Age - 6+ years old

No.of students - 2

No. of bricks - 449

Part of the LEGO® Learning System

LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential is part of the LEGO® Learning System, and ensures a progression of learning year after year, starting in the lower grades and progressing to the upper primary grades. The consistent unit structure builds a strong foundation for easy progression into secondary education and more advanced learning opportunities with SPIKE Prime.

Intuitive, Inclusive and Adaptable Learning Solution

LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential combines standards-aligned curriculum units, colorful LEGO® elements, a simple coding progression, and intelligent hardware. With the STEAM learning units students of all levels are fully engaged as everything is easily adaptable to any learning environment, making it fast and simple for you and your students to get started and begin learning.

Familiar Stackable LEGO® Bricks

Building and hands on learning is made easy and accessible for all ages with simple stackable LEGO® Bricks. The Bridge Pin connects creative system-brick builds to hardware and LEGO® Technic elements.

Intelligent Hardware

Create engaging, interactive models by connecting the Intelligent Hub, motors, a Light Matrix, and a Color  Sensor - to bring STEAM concepts to life.

Intuitive Coding Experience

Using the LEGO® Education SPIKE App students will experience intuitive coding. With LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential, students can progress all the way from lower to upper primary following a progression of block-based coding from icon blocks to word blocks based on Scratch. This provides age- and skill-appropriate tools for developing their coding proficiency.

Ready for STEAM Competitions

LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential extends its creative spirit beyond the classroom to robotics clubs, coding programs, and maker spaces. STEAM programs are a highly motivating and engaging way for students to develop and demonstrate their science and technology skills. These programs help students learn the cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork skills they’ll need to excel in a changing workforce.


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