Educational institutions in the GCC are increasingly investing in learning methodologies that equip students with skills and attributes that help them become well-rounded, globally competent citizens. These methodologies are aimed at promoting active learning among students to help them retain and analyze complex content, and help expand their innovation, creativity and knowledge.


STEM education lays emphasis on hands-on learning. It provides the best education has to offer by developing skills among children such as critical thinking, flexibility, collaboration, communication and creativity.


Noticing its potential, the UAE has quickly adopted STEM education to make learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics easy, fun and engaging for students. Many schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have introduced STEM education in classrooms.


Need for robotics in children


Robotics has been used extensively of late to advance STEM education. Programmable robots help children understand, interpret, distinguish and implement various mathematical concepts at an early age.


LEGO Mindstorms sets are one of the most widely used tools for students to learn robotics and programming. LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Core Set is a popular one among them that provides children with resources such as high-quality motors, sensors, gears, wheels, axles and other technical customize, program, document and analyze their robots’ performance.


Supporting two at a time, a Core Set comes with an introduction guide, 48 step-by step video tutorial curriculums and an eLearning program.


The system includes 541 elements, the EV3 Intelligent Brick and an EV3 data logging software. The software can easily predict, collect, view, analyze and manipulate data from sensors and display it in interactive graphs.




ATLAB, an associate of the Centena Group, provides hands-on innovative classroom learning solutions for educational and vocational training centres.


ATLAB is also an authorized distributor providing high-quality robotic learning kits from major brands such as LEGO Education, SAM Labs,XYZ Printing, Robolink, Pitsco Tetrix, HiTechnic in the GCC.