DOBOT Magician Go

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DOBOT Magician Go


Magician Go serves as a mobile platform, designed to enhance the mobility of the Magician Lite robotic arm. Equipped with two AI-powered cameras—one mounted on the front chassis and the other affixed to the robotic arm's tip—it expands the range of possible application scenarios.
Equipped with mecanum wheels, the Magician Go achieves omnidirectional mobility, enabling effortless sideways, diagonal, and rotational movements without the need for wheel steering. This design facilitates operations in confined spaces with ease. Incorporating a built-in odometer for instant position data transmission, the Magician Go ensures smart navigation. Users can effortlessly track the robot's movement and strategize travel paths through synthetic dynamic environment simulation. Empowered by an onboard AI algorithm, the Magician Go achieves autonomous driving with local processing. It conducts image, text, and facial recognition without relying on a network connection, enabling functionalities such as road recognition, street sign detection, pedestrian identification, and concurrent robotic arm operation while in motion.
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