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Robolink - Zumi

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A friendly, self-driving car kit that makes learning about artificial intelligence (AI) accessible for both kids and adults.

Zumi, she’s the car that learns as you learn, here to make AI approachable for everyone. Whether you use an Alexa, own a Tesla, play mobile games, or use Google Maps, artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. Like coding, soon knowing about AI will make you better at your job no matter what kind of work you do. Knowing how to use it will be an integral skill in tomorrow’s workplace. Zumi will help make something that’s normally complicated into something approachable.

What you get:

  • A sleek Zumi shell
  • The Zumi main board
  • A Raspberry Pi 0
  • 2 DC motors
  • Color activity cards
  • Access to early content
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